Meet Kathy, Head of Legal, Commercial, Procurement & Company Secretary



Kathy is a member of our senior leadership team and oversees and drives the Legal and Commercial team on contracts, risk and compliance. She also advises and supports the board and its sub-committees on all governance matters.

Why do you think it is important to support International Women’s Day?

Women have come a long way in being able to have a voice in business, politics and education. It is  important for everyone to remember this journey and to continues to ensure that our voices are  heard and taken seriously, for our foremothers and for our daughters to follow.

What does Break the Bias mean to you?

Working in a traditionally male dominated business, it is important that the ideas that women bring to the table are listened to and taken seriously.  Being seen as an individual, equal to those around you, is an important and powerful next step. Breaking the Bias is therefore very important to me, in ensuring that we are not judged on ethnicity and/or gender, but on the hard work and well formulated ideas that are offered. Having some pre-conceived (often ill conceived) notion of who I am and what I bring to the table is a disservice not only to me but to society as a whole.

Why should more women and girls choose careers in the waste and energy industry?

In 2022, there should be no barriers to enter into any kinds of work for women.  Women have consistently proven that they bring a new perspective to ways of working and the waste and energy sector are not different.  More diversity of thought is a good thing for the industry as we move towards a more sustainable future.


What women inspire you, and why?

Working mothers inspire me. The dedication, strength and resilience required by working mothers is very often underappreciated.  The ability to priorities, multitask and still be present both at home and at work is a skill that most CEOs of FTSE 100 companies can learn a lot from.