Meet Maria, Shop Assistant


Maria, Shop Assistant

Maria works at our ReUse shop and gets the chance to use her creative experience to show people the benefits of buying second-hand furniture.

Why do you think it is important to support International Women’s Day?

It’s important because I feel there is a lot more work that needs to be done around achieving a truly gender equal world. Until we get to a place where for example the world is finally free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, this day needs to be supported – by everyone, especially in the workplace.

Why should more women and girls choose careers in the waste and energy industry?

Waste and Energy is an industry that is heavily male dominated, and I feel this needs to change. There is no area in the industry that a woman could not work, and we bring valuable skills that would have a positive impact throughout. There are so many areas of work within waste and energy, which perhaps women are unaware of. These jobs should be made more available to women, highlighting what is possible in terms of a career, stability and growth.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I like that rarely  any day is ever the same. I get to meet lots of different people who bring in all kinds of items to donate to the shop. Our team gets to create inspiring displays showing people what’s possible with secondhand items. This sustainable way of living is fun and unique and has a positive effect on the environment.  I also love helping people who are starting out  reason.

What women inspire you, and why?

I’m inspired everyday by the women I’m blessed to have in my life. Women juggling work-life balance while not losing themselves and their identity. The strong women who have overcome hardships and share their truth and are living the life they want. I’m inspired by the women I have in my corner who I do not have to compete with. Instead, we support and motivate each other.