Reuse and recycling centres opened with a restricted service

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Serving you for more than 45 years

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Producing energy to power 80,000 homes

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Diverted over 90% of waste from landfill

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Incinerated waste heats water to drive turbines with steam and produce electricity.
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LondonEnergy works for and is owned by the communities of North London.

Welcome to LondonEnergy

LondonEnergy provides sustainable energy, recycling and resource management. Our vision is to see no waste from our sites sent to landfill. We operate from a number of sites across North London to provide a safe and secure alternative to landfill disposal. We also operate Reuse and Recycling Centres for household materials. Our regulated facilities are integral to London’s resource-economy; recovering energy from waste — enough to power more than 80,000 homes London homes, and in doing so, divert more than 698,000* tonnes of waste away from landfill each year, saving approx. 300,000† tonnes of CO2e each year. †Gross reduction and not net emissions.

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