LondonEnergy Supports National Apprenticeship Week


Women driving a truck

We are pleased to support National Apprenticeship Week 2021 (8th to 14th February).

The theme for Apprenticeship Week this year is 'Build the Future' This is why this year we share our apprentice's experiences, commitment, progression, and drive to develop not only their future at LondonEnergy but the future of the industry.

The majority of our apprentices have rewarding careers within the company. You will hear from them how they decided to embark on an apprenticeship, what they have learned, and how they progressed at LondonEnergy.

You will also meet some of our current eight apprentices. They are working in IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Instrumental and Transport department, gaining practical skills and experience from our technical and operational teams while studying at one of our partner organisations - New City College, the University of Hertfordshire, and the System Group. If you want to learn more about our Apprenticeship programme, click here

Kyran Barker, Head of Engineering

Meet Kyran, our Head of Engineering. Kyran Joined LondonEnergy in 2004 as a Mechanical Maintenance Apprentice. Kyran has over 15 years working at our energy plant, where he has held a variety of roles, including Mechanical Technician, Mechanical Engineering Manager and Maintenance Manager.

What do you like about your job?

Some may think I am crazy, but I enjoy the challenge of maintaining an ageing energy plant and having to respond quickly with safe solutions to reduce downtime.

What inspired you to apply for an apprenticeship at LondonEnergy?

I always knew I wanted a career that involved using physical and mental skills to rectify daily issues. I first started working on-site in September 2003 as a Contractor when I was made aware of the opportunity. Engineering is something I had always been interested in and, since working on-site, I took a great interest in the Energy from Waste (EfW) sector.

What opportunities did your apprenticeship provide you?

Not only did I gain an NVQ Level 3 and Advanced Diploma in Engineering Maintenance, I also went on to further my education with an HNC before gaining managerial qualifications such as the completion of an Advanced Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management.

How did the apprenticeship help you achieve this?

The apprenticeship gave me a solid introduction into the Engineering industry and provided me with the skills required to progress throughout my career.

What have you done career wise since the end of your apprenticeship?

Since the end of my apprenticeship, I have been promoted to the following roles: 2008 – Mechanical Maintenance Technician 2012 – Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor 2017 – Mechanical Engineering Manager 2018 – Maintenance Manager 2021 – Head of Engineering  

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

Go for it! Remain focused and dedicated to achieving your goals; the outcome is a result of the effort you put in.

Nicholas Harrington, E&I Improver

Meet Nicholas from our E&I team. Nicholas Joined LondonEnergy in 2016 as an E&I Apprentice.

What inspired you to apply for an apprenticeship at LondonEnergy?

I applied because I wanted to gain practical experience whilst learning the theory side at college.

What opportunities did your apprenticeship provide you? 

The apprenticeship scheme at LondonEnergy has given me hands-on experience in the industry. Also earning an income whilst studying at college is a huge bonus.

What have you done career-wise since the end of your apprenticeship? 

Since completing my apprenticeship in 2020, I have continued working at LondonEnergy to build on my career. Now I have completed my training I have well-paid salary that has allowed me to do more things in my personal life.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

I would tell them to take any apprenticeship they can, as that practical experience is the most valuable part of the job. And the sooner you start, the further you will progress.

Taha Attibi, MMD Graduate Apprentice

Taha, from our MMD team joined LondonEnergy in September 2020 as a MMD Graduate Apprentice.

What do you think the benefits of apprenticeships are?

My apprenticeship allows me to learn both the practical and theoretical aspects of the energy and waste sector and gain a more comprehensive understanding.

Are there any challenges that you have had to overcome?

The main challenge is balancing work and study life since doing both can be demanding. The main challenge I overcame was working and studying more efficiently to create a healthy work and life balance.

How is LondonEnergy supporting you in your apprenticeship?

LondonEnergy supports me by providing excellent facilities and allowing me to progress in my studies during my working hours.

What advice would you give to anyone that is considering doing an apprenticeship?

I think that an apprenticeship programme is one of the best things you can do for your personal and professional development.

Jovita Sungailaite , HGV Driver Apprentice

Meet Jovita, from our Transport team. Jovita joined LondonEnergy in December 2020 as Apprentice HGV Driver.

How did you get into Logistics?

I wanted to learn and hold a qualification in a profession I like. Driving big vehicles is my passion. I thought the best way to pursue my dream career would be to commit to an apprenticeship.

What is your job like so far?

My apprenticeship is for a year. I am currently shadowing the other drivers and studying for the driving theory and hazard perception test, and GCSE English and maths.

What has your apprenticeship meant to you?

The apprenticeship has allowed me to pursue my passion and kick start my career. It is reassuring that I am a valued member of the team and on the way to becoming a qualified HGV Driver.

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

I would encourage anyone considering an apprenticeship to apply. It is an excellent way of learning while also earning a living.