Meet Alycia, E&I Apprentice


Apprentices in workshop

Working at LondonEnergy allows me to gain valuable experience from experienced engineers.

What do you think the benefits of apprenticeships are?

  • You can see in the real-world environment the theory that you have been learning in your books. 
  • Iā€™m receiving qualifications while I earn.
  • I can absorb the knowledge from experienced engineers. 

 What is a typical day? 

There is no typical day at LondonEnergy, every day is very different ā€“ we could be working in the turbine hall, the boiler room, energy plant, Flue Gas Treatment, or even the new 11kv switchgear. This is one of the reasons why I love this apprenticeship. 

Are there any challenges that you have had to overcome?

Before starting at LondonEnergy, I thought that being the only female in my team would be a challenge. However, I realised that gender is not an issue, I was very much accepted into the E&I Team. 

How is LondonEnergy/team supporting you in your apprenticeship?

LondonEnergy has given me the freedom to choose projects that I find interesting and not be pigeonholed. I get to shadow a work alongside all my team members. 

 What advice would you give to anyone that is considering doing an apprenticeship?

You can earn while you learn and build up the experience to become a valued member of the team. 


Watch our video to find out how Alycia has gained valuable experience and skills from our programmes.

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