LondonEnergy introduces body cams at re-use and recycling centres


2017 Employee wearing BodyCam

LondonEnergy (formerly LondonWaste) has announced the introduction of bodycam technology for all staff at their re-use and recycling centres (RRCs).

The decision to introduce body cams reportedly came following a number of issues with public behaviour at the centres and which culminated in a LondonEnergy employee being assaulted.

According to LondonEnergy, while CCTV is already installed in all their sites, it was not possible to cover every area and hence the move to bodycams. A total of 30 LondonEnergy employees are now reported to wear the bodycams as part of their uniform. This is said to have been designed in such a way as not to restrict movement and yet are immediately obvious to the naked eye which LondonEnergy believe will be a deterrent in itself.

The waste specialist said that all images and audio taken from the bodycams are automatically deleted after 30 days although relevant footage may be used for learning and development purposes.

LondonEnergy’s managing director, Peter Sharpe, said: "Here at LondonEnergy, the safety of all our employees is paramount. While the vast majority of the public using our RRCs behave in a respectful manner and appreciate that the employees are there to help, a small minority has over-stepped the mark. In order for the site to operate effectively and for the community to be served efficiently, our employees must feel safe at all times.The introduction of bodycams is completely aligned with our company-wide 'Start Safely' campaign."

LondonEnergy manages all the household waste from over 1.9 million residents across seven North London boroughs.