RRC Conditions of Entry

Recycling signs at RRC
  • a limited number of vans will be allowed on site at one time
  • to book a van/trailer, you must book separately at https://vanbookings.co.uk/booking-process/vehicle-choice
  • only one or two people should leave the car while on site
  • visitors should keep 2m from other people when on site
  • One of our top priorities is keeping residents and employees safe while on our sites.
  • We owe a duty of care towards our employees and, therefore, actively discourage employees from carrying/offloading residents’ waste to minimise the risk of injury to themselves or others on site.
  • We understand that if a resident is disabled or elderly, they may find it hard to offload waste. In these instances, we ask that residents bring a friend/family member with them to help. If this is not possible, our employees will provide some assistance, providing it is safe for them to do so.
  • Please allow enough time to unload your rubbish and recycling before our site closes. If you arrive 10 minutes before closing time with lots of items to unload, you will not be allowed in.

  • Our staff are not liable for any damage to property if asked to assist in the removal and disposal of resident’s waste from vehicles on site. Therefore, as a general rule, due to health, safety, and liability issues, our employees are discouraged from removing items of waste from residents or third-party vehicles.
  • If you have a disability, please advise staff on arrival at the site. Whilst we cannot remove items from your car, we will correctly dispose of your items once they are unloaded. Please do not be offended if asked by site staff for proof of disability
  • please treat staff with respect and follow staff instructions at all times
  • visit wiseuptowaste.org.uk for information on individual sites before you leave home