Volunteering with The Felix Project


The Felix Project Volunteers

The Felix Project is a non-profit organisation that works to reduce food waste by redistributing surplus food to schools and charities. In December, some of our colleagues volunteered with the charity.

Thank you to our team, who volunteered to support this worthy cause. Here are some of their thoughts on their experience:

Yousuf, Quality & IMS Advisor

I felt great while helping a cause that is close to my heart. I was part of a small group of two other volunteers from LondonEnergy who were given the task to sort out 1 ton of bananas. We opened all the boxes one by one and checked the quality before putting them into smaller boxes. The bad quality bananas were separated and kept in different boxes. The good quality bananas were ready for delivery.

Our second task was to sort out 2 tons of potatoes. Each 25kg bag of potatoes was to be divided into three portions and kept in the crates for delivery. The team worked very hard and finished the job in less than an hour. All in all, it was a fulfilling and satisfying day.


Ashleigh, Mechanical Maintenance Technician

What I gathered and learnt from this experience is that the Felix Project absolutely relies on volunteers. This is because the food comes into the depot on the cusp of the sell by date which means it needs to be sorted and packed on the same day and sent out to the people in need. Without the volunteers this food would go to waste.


Mariusz, Mechanical Maintenance Technician

This volunteering initiative is a lovely thing that LondonEnergy are doing. I could see food coming in constantly that is nearing its sell by date. So, it is important to get the volunteers in to quality check and separate the products. Without the volunteers this food would go to waste which would be a shame.


John, Bulking Waste Operative

Meeting the people who the charity helps and learning about minimising our waste as a community has changed my way of thinking in such a short time. It was an eye opener for me and has given me pride knowing that someone in the afternoon had a meal. I pledged more time to them already and would urge other members of staff to do the same for such a worthy cause.