World Autism Acceptance Week



We caught up with Luke, Reuse and Recycling Centre Operative, for World Autism Acceptance Week. Luke has worked with LondonEnergy for over 10 years and has shared his experience with being autistic.

Why is World Autism Acceptance Week important to you?

It means a lot to me that my disability is recognised and that people I work with understand and want to know how to help me.


When were you diagnosed as autistic? 

I was diagnosed as autistic as an adult. Before my diagnosis, I didn't realise why I was different from others.


What advantages do you feel being autistic gives you in your job role? 

I'm meticulous about everything I do at work and always follow the rules.


What are some of your tips to help other autistic people in life? 

Focus on what you want to do in life and don’t be afraid to pursue your goals.


If you could destroy one stereotype about autism, what would it be? 

Autistic people have an attitude.


When you’re not at work what are your interests?

I enjoy politics, swimming and bike riding.