Ulla Röttger

Ulla joined LondonEnergy Ltd as a Non-executive Director in August 2019, bringing with her a wealth of management experience and leadership at board level and service to Public Advisory Committees.

From 2001 – 2017, Ulla was CEO of Amager Resource Centre, the second largest Waste Management Company in Denmark owned by five municipalities in the region of Copenhagen. During this time, she was responsible for establishing the world-famous Amager Bakke building, regarded as the world’s most energy and environmentally efficient Waste to Energy Plants.

Before that, Ulla was Vice President at a power plant, responsible for establishing a Waste to Energy Plant, Straw-fired plant Unit, flue gas cleaning for the 630 MW coal-fired section, and, at that time, Denmark’s biggest Windmill farm. Ulla also worked for ten years at the Association of Danish Electricity Companies.

Currently, she is a non-executive director in several companies within supply (water, heat and power, district heating, electricity), technology assessment, energy consulting services, climate and sustainability, and Aid organisations.

Ulla holds an MSc in Engineering and Electrical Power from DTU, and a Board Leadership Masterclass from CBS.