Fit for the future


27 Sep 2018
EcoPark building

LondonEnergy is getting ‘fit for the future’ and introducing an ERP Business Platform across the finance and operations business processes.

The benefits of an ERP Platform will be a single version of the truth, greater control and the provision of real-time information to aid day to day and strategic business decisions.

Over time the improved quality of data will enable business users to focus on delivering operations rather than chasing paperwork as the use of hand-held devices and electronic records replace hard copy forms.

The ERP Platform will result in more efficient and sustainable business processes. Public Procurement commenced in January this year and following a process which considered a wide range of ERP platforms and System Integrators the contract was awarded in July to Information Business Ready Ltd (IBRL) to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

LondonEnergy business users were integral in the decision-making process. Key Users from the business have been involved from Day One in the production of tender documentation, contractor selection and appointment. Early involvement of the business plus the nature of the Public Procurement Process, with multiple steps including live system demos, has given early visibility of system functionality and helped create a collaborative environment. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution will Go Live in phases across 2019 starting with Finance, then HSQE and finally Asset Management.

Ellen Mellington, Director of Transformation said ‘The business users are at the heart of this change having selected both the solution and supplier. They are the key players in designing and testing the solution. There is great energy and enthusiasm about the benefits the D365 solution will bring in all business areas and the business ownership is a key part of that."