We recycle organic waste into quality compost for use in allotments, agriculture community growing projects and gardens across North London.

Whether it’s grass cuttings, foliage or kitchen scraps delivered by your local council to our EcoPark Compost Centre, we blend, shred and leave the organic waste to mature under controlled conditions. The Compost Centre can process up to 45,000 tonnes of organic waste in a full year.

Meeting the standard for high quality compost

The EcoPark Compost Centre operates to the standards set by the British Standards Institution’s PAS 100 standard (BSI).  This is the industry standard that ensures high-quality compost that is consistent, safe and reliable to use. The Standard was sponsored by the Waste Action Resource Programme (WRAP) and developed with the Organics Recycling Group (previously known as the Association for Organics Recycling).  Our certification by BSI is your guarantee of quality through every stage of compost production, from screening waste to lab testing the final product before delivery.

Giving back to the community

The matured compost is given back to the local community in 15-tonne loads for use in allotments, community growing projects and gardens. You can collect free 30 litre bags from a number of our Recycling Centres.

The loose product is also sold to farms within the M25 area. Read our case studies to find out how LondonEnergy compost is benefiting food growing projects in North and East London.