Community FAQs

What happens to my waste and organic waste?

When your waste arrives at the EcoPark, it will be delivered to the relevant centre for it to be managed effectively. Materials from your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre may be delivered directly to the Materials Recycling Facility where it separate mixed loads of materials re-segregated into materials streams for recycling.Black bag waste will be delivered in to the Energy Centre, where it is incinerated to provide energy for North London. Kitchen scraps and garden waste will be delivered to the Compost Centre where it is composted into a nutrient rich compost used in local farms, parks, gardens and allotments.

Do you sort the black bag waste before it goes into the Energy Centre?

The UK relies on the combined behaviours of householder’s to divert recyclable materials from black bag waste and works extensively to communicate the benefits of sorting waste and recyclable materials within the home. The waste that arrives at the Energy Centre is waste that cannot be recycled. The waste is not sorted when it arrives at the Energy Centre. It is used as a fuel. We do however recover metals, ash and energy from it during processing.

What is "quality" compost?

Compost is a natural product that results from the controlled biological decomposition of organic materials such as garden and food waste. Our 0-20mm compost produced at the Compost Centre is BSI PAS 100 Certified. This compost certification provides a baseline quality standard for compost ensuring it is consistent, safe and reliable to use. For the benefits of BSI PAS 100 benefits, a complete listings of suppliers visit

My Household Waste & Recycling Centre is closed can I bring waste to you at the EcoPark?

No. Your local council provide residents with Household Waste Recycling Centres which offer a free disposal service for your household waste. If you have a large amount of waste you need to dispose of, please contact your local council who may provide a bulky collection services.

What are the potential effects on human health of the energy centre / incinerator?

Energy from waste incinerators are regulated under environmental permits granted by the Environment Agency to meet the strict emissions standards of the waste incineration directive. The Environment Agency has no regulatory or compliance concerns regarding this facility. Any potential effects on health would be a matter for the Environment Agency to assess in conjunction with the Health Protection Agency.

How long does the composting process take at the EcoPark?

This depends on the time of year, and also the type of green and kitchen waste that is delivered to our site. Generally the process takes 12 weeks but can take longer if there is a large amount of grass clippings. For more information, email:

I am interested in ordering compost for my allotment and want to know what chemicals are used in the process.

We add a compost activator at the first stage of the process, which enhances the breakdown of materials and ensures that we have a broad range of bacteria and fungi within the heap to break the material down. This is the only additive we put in. Download our Compost Fact sheet.

What analysis is carried out on the compost produced at the EcoPark?

A complete analysis is carried out as per the British Standards Institute’s Publicly Available Specification (BSI PAS 100). This is a Quality Standard for composts which has been developed by the Composting Association, the British Standards Institute and the Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP). Our EcoPark Compost has PAS 100 accreditation on the 0-20mm soil improver.Download our Compost Fact Sheet.

How do you create energy from waste?

We use black bag waste or waste that can’t be recycled as a fuel in the Energy Centre where it is converted into electricity. The energy recovery system we employ meets the strict emissions standards of the waste incineration directive, see emissions. It does not rely on fossil fuels and diverts waste from landfill. It also provides enough electricity to power around 80,000 homes throughout the year.

How much electricity does the company produce each year?

It varies year on year, last year we exported 249,000MWh (2015) to the National Grid. This figure works out as about eighty-five percent of our total production, the remaining fifteen percent powers the process equipment, recycling, composting and other centres within the EcoPark.

I am a local resident, can I drop of waste at any of the Household Waste Recycling Centres?

Your local council provider Household Waste & Recycling Centres for small amounts of household waste and recyclables. If it’s a larger amount that needs to dispose of contact your local council’s recycling team.