Commitment and Focus

Commitment and Focus

We’re an independent company with both the ambition and capacity to expand within the Greater London area.

Our vision is to see no waste from our London sites sent to landfill, so we’re passionate about ensuring that waste is transformed into usable materials. It’s about adding value to waste, whether it’s high-value items for secure destruction, ultimately to become road surfacing, or house-clearance furniture that features for sale in our Reuse Shop.

That way, as little as possible is sent to landfill. Last year, more than 86 per cent of the materials we received was either recycled or turned into electricity.

We’re also committed to efficiency at every step and are proud to have achieved accreditation to management systems ISO14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001. Our FORS accreditation, recognises our strong track record in safety, environmental impact and efficiency.  Part of the reason for that success is that we demand the same high standards from our suppliers and contractors as we do of our own employees.

Commitment to Environment:

Our efficient management of waste materials is a service vital to both the environment and the community.

At our core is a commitment to manage our environmental impact.  Many of our activities including, our products and services, do have an impact: from our production of steam to our use of water and the odour from the materials we manage.

Our environmental management system identifies activities, products and services where operational controls are required in order to maintain environmental management objectives and targets.

Our accredited management system ISO 14001 provides a framework for us carry out detailed analysis of both our site specific and companywide environmental performance.  This framework then enables us to develop new strategies to meet the changing demands on the environment.   Our aim is for continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

Dedication to Health and Safety:

Our greatest asset is our loyal workforce and we are committed to their health, safety and welfare.

We foster a culture of commitment to health and safety which includes working with employees, their Union representatives and other parties.

The board of directors leads a positive culture on health and safety which is supported by management and by every employee.  We strive to provide a safe working environment where we are more capable of preventing accidents.  Our aim is for continuous safety improvement within our activities.

Our Health and Safety Department assists and advises on all aspects of the business where health, safety and welfare are concerned, developing and applying best practice to improve performance.

Our accredited management system OHSAS 18001 allows us to provide detailed analysis for both our site specific and companywide health and safety performance.  This analysis supports a positive strategy for identifying where improvements can be made in order to pursue continuous improvement.

Focus on Quality:

We are committed to ensuring that our people, infrastructure and financial resources have effective, quality management at all levels within our organisation.

Our products and services are effectively managed, from our production of steam for electricity, our service to north London residents and everything in between. We aim to ensure that we meet the requirements placed upon us by the NLWA  and strive for continual improvement in all areas of our business performance. We are currently registered to ISO 9001.

Management Systems:

We are accredited to management systems ISO14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 and our integrated management system enables us to develop, manage, monitor and review requirements.