Supplying Goods and Services to LondonEnergy

LondonEnergy is a private company wholly owned by the North London Waste Authority.  LondonEnergy therefore has an obligation to ensure compliance with procurement legislation, including the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, by offering an equitable and compliant approach to contract opportunities. LondonEnergy is also subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

A key objective of all public procurement work is to achieve best overall value. This is achieved through a combination of whole life costs and quality – not just the lowest price.  LondonEnergy’s policy is that the best overall value should be obtained, while ensuring contracts meet the operational needs of the business as well as tests for affordability and the management of risk.

LondonEnergy spends money with more than 500 suppliers and contributes significantly to both the local and national economy.  All goods, services and works above a certain value are supplied through open competition, unless there are justifiable exceptional circumstances.  This ensures equality, transparency and fairness for all suppliers and supports sustainability, innovation, accountability and the improvement of value and efficiency, while managing risks effectively.

Those contracts which are subject to compliance with EU Directives are published on-line through the Delta eProcurement portal to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) website at  and to the UK Government’s  “Contracts Finder” website at

Tender evaluations will be weighted, with price balanced against quality – for example 40% of the marks might be awarded for the “price” and 60% for the “quality” of the tender submission. LondonEnergy also has access to various local and national Framework Agreements which have already been set up following the relevant OJEU procedure, for example those set up by the Crown Commercial Service. Framework agreements allow LondonEnergy to undertake a “mini-competition” by circulating detailed requirements to all the suppliers on the framework.

LondonEnergy has also established a number of Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). A DPS is a procedure used to procure contracts for works, services and goods commonly available on the market. As a procurement tool, it has some similarities to an electronic framework agreement, but differs in that new suppliers can join at any time.

All organisations which meet the selection criteria must be admitted to the DPS, however this does not mean that any or all organisations admitted to the DPS will be awarded contracts.

There is no requirement to submit tenders or pricing in order to join a DPS, instead suppliers must complete a self-certified selection questionnaire available via the Delta E-sourcing portal ( Documents to evidence self-certification will be required prior to the award of contract, for example financial statements, insurance, accreditation, policies etc.

If suppliers require technical assistance with using the Delta eSourcing service, then please contact the Delta helpdesk between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday for further assistance; via email to:  or telephone: +44 (0)845 270 7050.   Current DPS Access Codes:

Organic Waste and Treatment 8F6W96JE44
Waste Transfer and Transport 398C37Y6KY
Supply of Chemical Substances E94PBRZR26

As a new DPS is established, the details will be added to this webpage.